Beauty cosmetics industry promising

2019-07-25 16:45

Use cosmetics and tools, take the steps and skills in accordance with the rules, rendering, painting, finishing the face, facial features and other parts, enhance the three-dimensional impression, adjust the shape, cover up the defect, performance, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty. Makeup can show women's unique natural beauty, charm and charm. Successful make-up can arouse women's psychological and physiological potential vitality, enhance self-confidence, refresh people's spirit, but also help to eliminate fatigue, delay aging.

One, cream cream cosmetics, including powder cream cream, liquid cream two categories. Liquid cream can be divided into water cream and oil cream. And the oil cream cream has two kinds of "oil in water" and "oil in water" according to the oil content.

Two, hair cosmetics, for hair, such as head wax, hair oil, hair cream, shampoo.

Three. Cosmetic products such as lipstick, nail polish and scented powder are used in cosmetic modification.

Four, health products cosmetics, including toilet water, perfume essence, talcum powder.

5. Drug cosmetics, with various therapeutic effects, can prevent and eliminate cosmetic defects, such as acne cream, freckle cream, wrinkle cream, ginseng cream, etc. In addition, there is also nutrition cosmetics, it has a nutritional role in the skin.

Six, make-up cosmetics cosmetics facial skin.