Cosmetics why choose the whole set?

2019-07-27 18:46

Literacy, young men who buy cosmetics not set, most people put milk and cream as the 2 pick 1, milk need not cream, there are no Department of beauty essence, why not? The reason is a kind of very poor duoxian. Cause nervousness is ladies do not understand why skin care to ignore the hot-air flow by using a set of moment for you, a differentiation:

First of all, let's see what a set has:

Water, essence, milk, cream, BB cream foundation, different, need to use entirely? Yes!

The reason is that our skin is divided into epidermis (epidermis is subdivided into 5 layers) and layer, each layer of "eat" nutrients are similar!

(1) cuticle cream. No frost will fly away from the dander, the occurrence of dry lines.

(2) draft of transparent layer. Without water it will perish, leaving the skin without water and light.

(3) the milk is eaten in the granule layer. Lack makes skin sensitive.

(4) basal layer have the same class of ordinary chinese. Lack will affect the development of new cells, so that melanocytes are prone to stain.

(5)Eat Chinese class . Molecular particles almost to nano scale, have skin affinity, easy to be received by the skin. If lacking, the skin will relax and form wrinkles.

(6) "prevent ultraviolet. The entry of harmful substances, "liquid foundation" has a very good touch up, skin and dust, but also to wear a coat of skin.

"BB cream" has great polish, skin color and dirt, and it also wears coats for the skin.